DRESS Rehearsal…Er, I mean…Rehearsal Dinner

Uh…I always get it mixed up. Dress Rehearsal, I say. No, they say. Do you mean Rehearsal Dinner? Well, ya, I guess that’s what it is. But it’s all about looking sparkling and romantic in a new dress, I thought? I like Dress Rehearsal better. Here are some affordable faves that I ran across today while devouring Polyvore. Oh Polyvore. How I love thee. Click on the photos to link further info. 






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4 responses to “DRESS Rehearsal…Er, I mean…Rehearsal Dinner

  1. Brooke Hoehne

    I want them ALL!!!!!

  2. mindy

    what cuties! sum, you are so on it.

  3. Ohhh, I really like the second to the last one. I’m going to go check it out right now.

  4. nice! I’m glad you liked polyvore! you can use it to create inspiration boards too! And when you do, it keeps a log for you of the all the links back to the original source. Neat huh?!

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