sunday {fun}day

Hi all! Happy Sunday. Hope your weekend is full of productivity and relaxation! Our Sunday Funday is a simple one this week. Ran across this Martha Stewart photo and was so inspired. If you’re one of those lucky ones who is planning on having brunch after the wedding day (hello mimosa and french toast!) then perhaps you should consider providing your guests with a crossword puzzle to get the morning started off just right. Search google for custom crossword puzzles and you’ll find several sites that offer a custom option using your own words and hints! Hmmm…If not for a post wedding brunch, I’m sure you could think of a few fun ways to use this old pastime. mwa102833_spr07_crossword_xl1


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2 responses to “sunday {fun}day

  1. Bridget

    I won’t be having a brunch after the wedding day, but I’m totally going to use this idea for my crossword-loving fiance’s birthday breakfast this weekend. I’m now having fun churning out clues from our four years of inside jokes. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. How adorable! I can’t wait to use that for a brunch!

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