Friday Giveaway!

We are lucky enough to have yet ANOTHER giveaway for this week. Today’s giveaway comes from Mindy Gayer at Cotton Idea Studio, who has such fabulous finds at her brick and mortar store in Newport Beach, as well as her online store here. Cotton is having an AMAZING online sale right now, where you can get almost 50% off on some of their products. You must check it out! 

I’ve been luck enough to work with Mindy before, and when it comes to wedding stationery, she is a consummate professional. Mindy knows all the ins and outs and is so helpful. Plus, she offers a HUGE range of products and pricing. 

I’ve featured this cutie card before, but today we’ve got one to give away. Just leave a comment. If you’d like, include in the comment any stationery questions you may have. I know wording, etiquette, etc…can get pretty tricky, so later in the coming weeks, we can have Mindy help address some of these FAQs. 



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10 responses to “Friday Giveaway!

  1. I’m loving these. I’m totally obsessed with silhouettes so these are just to die for.

  2. I love this stationary! I agree that the silhouettes are awesome! I am definitely going to check out the store online. 🙂

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  4. Abbey

    These are so adorable! Love them!

  5. I want this…and the rest of her gorgeous things are fabulous! I loves it!

  6. Maureen

    Yes, please!

  7. LAURA

    you are the coolest!!!

  8. Jennifer

    These have such personality what a cute find!

    I’m not into the formal wording on invites, it just doesn’t speak in the tone of “us”. My parents are contributing a huge portion of our budget so is it required that they be in the invite? Is it a slap in the face if they aren’t?

  9. Rose

    these are just adorable!

  10. Redbettie

    The stationary is very cute. I just went to Mindy website and all her stationary are cute and so adorable. The “Hello Lucky Thanks Doll” is so cute…

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