Inspiration Request: Island Wedding

I received an inspiration request from a reader who is getting married on an island. She doesn’t want the look to be too forced, though, so I went for a colorful palette with navy blue, aqua and a little dollop of yellow. Hope you enjoy! 

Oh! Be on the lookout for this week’s giveaway announcement, which will be up later today! 


Sources left to right from top: 1. Etsy 2. Tastefully Entertaining 3. Etsy 4. Besty Dunlap via Snippet&Ink 5. Christie’s 6. Etsy 7. Source 8. J.Crew 9. Martha Stewart via Snippet&Ink



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8 responses to “Inspiration Request: Island Wedding

  1. Great compilation. I love those aqua/yellow shoes, makes me want to take a vacation.

  2. Great color scheme 🙂
    and that ring is amazing!!

  3. Great board! This is one of my favorites you’ve posted. All the blues work really well together.

  4. Maureen

    I’m just finishing “Breaking Dawn” and this totally reminds me of where Edward and Bella spent their honeymoon…….beautiful!

  5. Jen

    Does anyone know where that navy dress is from??

  6. Grey

    I believe it is from here.

  7. Jen

    I don’t see it on Topshop – is it older? I want to buy it!

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