Giveaway Bonanza!

Hold onto your hats. This is the first of TWO giveaways for this week. Check in tomorrow morning for another fabulous giveaway as well as a DIY project that is a complete delight! 

In honor of my navy blue boards today, I wanted to post this absolutely stunning clutch from Michelle at MS Handbags. Check out her blog here. This what she told me about the giveaway clutch:

: : : I’d love to offer your readers my ‘Jacqueline Clutch in Blue and Gold’. This clutch bag is the only one like it in my shop. Featuring a vintage gold button from my mother’s collection, a handmade gold silk flower, vibrant blue cotton and gold silk/cotton, this handbag is one of my favorites. : : :

If you’d like to enter, please leave a comment. We’ll pick a random winner next Wednesday! Woohoo! 




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59 responses to “Giveaway Bonanza!

  1. Mary

    Beautiful clutch!!

  2. I am a new fan of your blog 🙂 And I’ve been addicted ever since! The clutch is so cute, nice work.

  3. cloud9

    What a great gift idea. I love the button!!

  4. love love love! i definitely think i can make room for this delight!

  5. Carly

    Eeeh! This clutch is that same royal blue I’m using in my wedding!! LOVE it 🙂

  6. I adore MSHandbags things!! And the blue in this piece is just stunning

  7. michella

    it’s gorgeous, love the blue!

  8. This is so pretty!!! I love it!

  9. Katlyn

    I love it! so adorable :]

  10. Dorothée

    Oh! I love it! It’s so beautiful and perfect!

  11. kendell

    the clutch is absolutely unique! quirky, sweet, and natural all at the same time! love it!

  12. Sarah

    love the clutch 🙂 aaand been enjoying your blog for awhile now, thanks for writing!

  13. Margaret H.

    LOVE the clutch! And beautiful things at MS Handbags… a new addiction!

  14. This bag is FANTASTIC. I love it and her etsy shop is chock full of stunning little numbers.

  15. i just stumbled across your blog. this clutch is adorable i’ll have to check out her shop!!

  16. What a wonderful color. I love that shade of blue!

  17. This bag is SO cute! I’ve been looking for a new clutch.

  18. Awesome clutch! It is gorgeous!

  19. Tess

    I have loved mshandbags for a while, and that blue clutch is spectacular.
    she also takes great photos of her bags.

  20. Jac

    I’m obsessed with MS Handbags- everything she makes is so beautiful! I am always looking at her amazing etsy shop. This clutch is stunning!

  21. Abbey

    I’m in love with this handbag and would love to win it!!

  22. super cute; love the royal blue!

  23. Joanna

    I absolutely love this clutch! What a fun way to ring in the warm weather!!

  24. Rose

    The clutch is just adorable!

  25. Patty

    Wow — this clutch is beautiful! I can imagine myself throwing on a pair of my comfortable faded jeans, my brown jeweled flats, a cardigan, grabbing this clutch and heading out the door! I hope I win~

  26. Stacey

    I love the textures of this clutch. Lovely.

  27. Tara

    would be perfect as my “something blue!”

  28. Natalie

    What a beautiful clutch! I love the texture of the gold fabric and the shade of blue made that pop even more!

  29. Rory

    In the words of Rachel Zoe….”I die.” Gorgeous clutch!

  30. Jmiddy

    Perfect with jeans, flats, and a cute top for date night!

  31. Mannette Tanagras

    Love the clutch.

  32. Erin

    So cute!!! I absolutely love it!

  33. Leah

    So pretty!!!

  34. Jessica S

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this clutch so much!! 🙂

  35. Ashley M

    Bring on spring!

  36. furtherdowntheroad

    ooh i love this blue bag!

  37. Amanda

    oh my this is gorgeous! i love the blue.

  38. Natalie

    VERY nice!

  39. Valerie

    Me likey!

  40. Sooo beautiful! It’d be so cute as a “something blue” clutch for my wedding!

  41. jen

    cute clutch! I’ve been wearing a lot of navy colored things lately and the clutch would be a lovely new addition.

  42. Bridget

    What a beautiful, classy clutch. It would be a pleasure to wear with my spring things.

  43. Maureen

    ANY giveaway good enough for you is most SOITENLY good enough for me! LOVES this clutch. Seriously 🙂

  44. LAURA

    SUMMMM i love!!!!

  45. amy

    omg. that bag is just so stinkin’ cute! it would go great with the betsey johnson dress i bought for the rehearsal dinner!

  46. Jade

    What a beautiful creation! Very talented.

  47. Kristen D

    LOVE it.

  48. Rebecca

    So cute, where is her shop?

  49. delish! I love me a pretty clutch! 🙂

  50. So gorgeous! I’m a new fan of your blog – I’ve been reading for a couple of weeks now – and I’d love to win! I love blue!!!!

  51. Nikole

    LOOVVVVEEEEE that bag. Gorgeous. And fun.

  52. Jan

    So unique and eye catching!

  53. jan t.

    Amazing handwork…these bags are so pretty !

  54. B

    WOW! This is stunning. I love it! I have been carrying a diaper bag for over two years now and need something much prettier to remind me that I’m a mom, but a woman too 🙂

  55. Redbettie

    The clutch is beautiful and blue is perfect spring. Great giveaway!!!

  56. Classicpearls

    One thing I love about clutches , is that it could be any pattern and it will still be chic and fun. For example this clutch is has the rose that is very feminine and the blue is very flirty/fun. Both combine a great clutch.

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