GQ Takes on The Tux

GQ says it’s back, and I agree. :::SIGH:::  I just hope I get married before it goes back out! I can’t get enough of the good ol’ fashioned tux these days (read: James Dean). But gals, it’s got to be done right. And this…THIS is how it’s done right: 








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13 responses to “GQ Takes on The Tux

  1. Maureen

    These look incredible on this fella but unless your groom-to-be weighs in at 150 lbs. or less, I’m not sure it would work for the heavier guy, y’know?

  2. Grey

    Hahaha!!! I had the same thoughts, to be honest. The tux for a man is like a silk sheath for a women…only a few of us are lucky enough to pull it off!!! But it is oh so lovely when they do!

  3. We **LOVE** the black on black … very nice post!

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  5. Wow, I love these. I saved all the pictures in a folder and hope that one day I can convince my boyfriend to wear these, hah.

  6. I just love Brandon Flowers 😉

  7. Grey

    Yeah…that’s the hard part. Convincing the boy to don a tux. Anyone see the office last night? Jim did not look like these pics. I don’t want my guy looking like a magician. Oh sweet glorious good looking tux! Why are you so elusive?

  8. hisbirdie

    Swooon! My fiance chose that last suit for our wedding, I am so excited!!!

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  10. Maggie

    very european looking! my fiance is super thin and would look so cute in the last one! and they will go with the black chucks he wants to wear foir the reception!!!

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  12. alex

    were can i get a tux like this but rent it for prom ???

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