Inspiration Request: Barn Chic

I received two requests along the same lines for something rustic yet not sloppy. Here are the requests:

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Hi Grey!!!
I absolutely love your blog! Anyway, I really like the idea of a wedding with a rustic chic feel to it (think barn feeling but in an upscale venue) but I’m not really sure how to pull it off without looking sloppy. Whenever I come up with ideas that seem rustic, they just seem to be too low-key for the venue, which is a gothic stone building set on a lake. The wedding will be outside between the two. Do you have any ideas? Thanks!


Hi Grey! Like Erin (3/5/09) I am also planning a wedding in a stone ‘castle’ set on a lake. I would love to see what ideas you come up with for her. I loved the “Lakeside Vintage” inspiration but there wasn’t enough color for me. I’m having a hard time finding a happy medium between the formality of the castle and the more relaxed atmosphere outside by the lake.


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Okay Ladies. Here’s the low down. In order to incorporate rustic elements without making it look sloppy, you do two things: lighting and juxtaposition. Lighting is super important, as it will add warmth and romance…notice all the settings I included that draw you in because of how beautiful the lighting is.

Second, juxtaposition. What I mean is that if you put a really shabby looking sign with the word “moonshine” painted on it, make sure the bar below is delightfully pretty, with flowers, candles, etc… Other examples: the chalkboard with your fancy menu written on it, or the piano sitting outside in the courtyard. This look is all about creating juxtaposition: mixing the rough with the soft, if you see what I mean.

Natalie…in terms of your desire for color, it depends on when you get married, but I love the bright lemons as an option. So lovely! Hope you all enjoy. Let me know your thoughts!

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5 responses to “Inspiration Request: Barn Chic

  1. Maureen

    Girl, you’ve seriously gotcher’ juxtaposition on! LOVE THIS.

  2. LOVE this. I think this type theme is among the top 3 of my favs EVER. Just beautiful. I love contrast (juxtapostion). Its my most favorite thing. pretty much ever.
    gorgeous inspiration as always…

  3. Erin

    AH! I love it. This is exactly what I was looking for and couldn’t come up with on my own. You are amazing. Thank you so so so much!

  4. thanks for the blog love and photo credit. great place to find inspiring ideas. will visit often!

  5. Natalie

    THANKS Grey! This is great and ‘inspiring!’ It gives me a good place to start. I am getting married at the end of June so the yellow color from the lemons will be perfect!

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