Giveaway Wednesday?

What the heck, Grey? You’re slackin on your posts are where in the heck is my darn giveaway?

So sorry, dear readers. I promise you, I’ve been slaving away on some great plans for the blog, which I’m hoping will make you love coming here that much more!

Our giveaway for this week (winner announced on Wednesday) comes from Kireina Paper. Natalie sent over some information about her adorable shop and wanted to offer a lovely little set of three organic soaps wrapped in the reader’s choice of printed paper. Oh how I love the smell of clean, especially when it is organic AND pretty.

{grey} likesweddings wants your feedback, so in order to enter, leave a comment and let me know what you like seeing on the blog, what you’d like to see more of, etc… Thanks for participating! We’ll announce the winner on Wednesday!




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32 responses to “Giveaway Wednesday?

  1. Patty

    I absolutely love it! My like about the blog: that you are keeping with the times (i.e: economic crisis) and offering cheap but chic solutions. What I’d like to see more of: as a bride who is hoping that the day-of will go smoothly, please give more tips/neat tricks to ensure an enjoyable wedding day! Thanks! (I would use the organic soaps as gifts to my dear friends who are helping me out with the wedding! Love them!)

  2. Grey

    Awesome!! Thanks for the thoughts Patty…You’ve got us off to a great start!

  3. Brittany Neece

    Dear Grey,

    First of all I LOVE that barn post below. It is so incredibly romantic. I am already married, but it makes me want to through a fabulous one year anniversary party in a barn. Secondly, I want the soap, so cute and perfect for some summertime accessories in the bathroom.

    What I love about your blog…the inspiration requests, the wit with which you write, and of course, the give-aways!!!

    As a has been bride, it would be fun to share some of the tips I wish I would have known for an even smoother day!

  4. Oh, what a lovely prize in this giveaway! Many thanks for the opportunity 🙂

    I’m a recent subscriber to your blog feed, and I have enjoyed your vivid imagery compilations, the diversity of topics, and the off-the-beaten path subjects. I look forward to more wonderful posts! 🙂

    P.S. And thank you kindly for featuring my Rococo Shawl in your “Grey & Marigold” post 🙂

  5. Karen

    I absolutely ADORE your inspiration boards. As an avid reader of wedding blogs, your style is up there with my top 3 favorites.

    As a bride, I’m always looking for cute DIY tips!

  6. I personally like the Fashionista Vista chick – what a gem 😉

    I kid, I kid {am I even allowed to enter?}

    I love your inspiration boards and I love the your real wedding entries are always a bit “off the beaten path” – perfect but not PERFECT! know what I mean?

  7. Brooke Hoehne

    I would love the soap for my oh so dull guest bathroom.

    As for the blog, I would enjoy some music input. Maybe some good playlists or ‘A list’ jazz bands.

    I do love the inspiration boards, maybe a new one? woodsy, wintery…think Anthropologie (as is all my inspiration) in a Colorado cabin with the bride and her ladies in p-coats.

    Much Love

  8. Grey

    Ooohhh…LOVE that idea. I’ll see what I can come up with!

  9. Sarah

    I just love looking at your blog for fresh inspiration! I can’t really think of anything to improve, maybe the music idea is a good one though. Also, maybe you could make the graphs of the pictures a teensy bit bigger. I’m not sure, I just thought I’d throw that out.

  10. Grey

    I totally agree. I’m working on coming up with an option for that…right now I’m using the maximum space that my blog allows. ARGH. I’ll see what I can do!

  11. I have just recently found your blog, so I’ve only got a few weeks under my belt. I’m into looking at beautiful things and your blog gives me a lot to look at! I really like that you have the blocks of interesting things and then you have links to all of it. I am just in heaven – click click click

    I like to add creative ideas to my thinking and I you all seem to have so many ideas – I love it.

  12. Brooke! Anthropologie is my inspiration too! Actually its “Midnight Garden Party Thrown by Anthropologie”… I have had some strange look from vendors to say the least!

  13. Grey

    Oh MY!!! I burst out in laughter (hate saying LOL, though I suppose the acronym does the job) when I read your post. SO funny. I know anthropologie is protecting their brand and all, but what the heck? All of us are chomping at the bit for more…seriously! How about Anthro weddings? And Anthro showers? And Anthro baby?

  14. Bridget

    I love your blog for fresh inspiration! I am a devoted follower of 3 weeks now, and with my wedding still 2 months away, I’m so glad to have found you.
    Those soaps are gorgeous.
    I love the Fashionista Vista! I bought a pair of shoes she had listed almost immediately for my rehearsal dinner. I have been looking forever for a shoe to match my champagne silk cocktail number.
    I am also a big fan of cheap chic ideas, so that I can spring for the occasional impulse shoe buy!

  15. Abbey

    Wow! I love this blog. I think I check it everyday if not twice a day! I’m not sure what you could do to add to it but maybe more Venue choices and how to be creative when choosing a venue. Just a suggestion.

    And by the way keep the cheap chic ideas coming! Love them!

  16. ikkinlala

    My favourite thing is the inspiration boards.

  17. Maureen

    Your blog is quite simply, um-EYE-zing. I know my daughter will find it very useful in planning her wedding someday. In the meantime, I love visiting regularly and drooling over your impeccable sense of style. You’ve got the gift, that’s for sure. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. Have a lovely weekend!

  18. Hello! I am a very recent subscriber. I am getting married in July and am having a difficult time deciding how to decorate my reception venue. So, your inspiration boards and DIY tips are my favorite. I would love to see more of them. Thanks for all the tips so far!


  19. I pretty much like how your blog is lookin’ so far. 🙂

    I especially enjoy it when boho-chic and modern-vintage weddings are featured. I like the hybrids! (The recent barn wedding hit the spot.) I also when you feature DIY and/or Etsy items (things within my financial grasp.)

  20. ALLY in WA

    I am rather new to your blog and find it very imaginative and clever. There are so many blogs out there and yours in well written with interesting topics. As someone who is planning my own wedding I find your thoughts very helpful. And such cute little soaps!!!

  21. Carly

    I love this blog! It’s so inspirational to me as I plan my June wedding- sometimes I worry about what I’ll do when I won’t have a wedding to plan! I definitely love your inspiration boards- It’s so helpful to bring all the pieces together!

  22. Margaret H.

    Great giveaway! I love seeing all of your DIY posts, very creative and inspiring! Thanks!

  23. Kristen D

    Love that you’re taking inspiration requests and any sort of DIY ideas are wonderful! Enjoying your blog!

  24. Sarah

    they are lovely soaps! great wrapping idea! I actually love putting these in trunks and in drawers to keep my clothes smelling fresh!

  25. Just happened upon you site thanks to the lovely Jo over at JoMyGoodness.

    I had a look around and I’d love to see more of the “look for less” or “splurge worthy” posts. Those seem to peak my interest!


  26. Stacy

    I’m not a bride-t0-be (I’m already married), but I like seeing the creative, pretty ideas that you blog about. The inspiration boards are lovely.

  27. Meg

    First: I love soap. Love getting and love giving. I have three bridesmaids (sisters) and would love to give them the gorgeous soaps.

    Second: Love your blog.

    Third: Love the recent posts on barn-themed weddings. Likely because I am getting married in a barn and I am selfish and want all posts to be of barn weddings.

    Fourth: I second the already stated desire for music posts. Again, selfish, I need help with music for a ridiculous, multi-generational dance party for our wedding.

  28. jen

    I love love your blog!
    I love the “inspiration” category and love the post about the shoes. They are all the shoes I would buy if I can afford them.
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  29. Rebecca

    Your blog is so fun! I love the pictures of real weddings…great inspiration!!

  30. Cloud9

    Grey…you are unbelievable!! There are so many ‘favorites’ that I love on your blog! I wish it had been around before W’s wedding…just glad we had you to help us out in person! You are awesome!!!

  31. Hello! I have been reading your blog for awhile now and I am loving it! I am getting married in August, and the things I am having the biggest issues with are gifts for parents, readings for the ceremony, and ways to decorate my outdoor reception venue. Your DIY tips are my favorite, so I would love to see more of them too. And I love handmade soap!!

  32. Grey

    AWWWW…I’ll see what I can do about your quandries!

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