Introducing: Fashionista Vista

OH. MY. GOSH. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am more than overjoyed (think Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s sofa type of overjoyed) to introduce to you our new column Fashionista Vista. Guest blogger, Kate, will be bringing to you the fashion down low. Because I cannot do her any justice, I’ll just hand it over immediately. Without further ado, here is Kate. 

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Ciao Loyal Grey Readers, Fashionista Vista here!  Otherwise known as Kate M. (soon-to-be Kate H!) – a practically-newlywed hailing from Dallas with a passion for fashion, wine, and all things beautiful.  I feel a little intimidated following the oh-so-fabulous Mascara Maven as a guest blogger since she’s… um, you know, “qualified,” and I’m just a loud-mouthed lawyer with an impressive credit card bill.  But I’ll try to get over it (oh, already done!) and carry on with pontificating about the glories of superfluous spending!  

 Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Sole-Mates: Five Must-Have Shoes for the Conscious Shopper

 Country Music Maverick Clint Black once crooned “the shoes don’t make the man” (apologies, I’m from Texas)… um, yeah, sorry Clint, but that’s because men’s shoes aren’t all that cute.   And while the fashion savvy member of the fairer sex realizes that being well-shod isn’t (necessarily) a character trait of the highest priority, she also knows that a gorgeous pair of shoes can make the most terrible of days a little brighter! 

Granted there are much more important things to worry your pretty little properly-moisturized foreheads over at the moment, but if you carefully stock your closet with just these five must-haves, you’ll always ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­walk tall, secure in the knowledge that, hey, at least your feet look good!

(1) The Power Shoe

 Like a man in a red tie, a woman in a red shoe demands attention.  The (Correct) Power Shoe says “I am capable and confident, with just the right amount of sass.”  

 Here, “correct” equates to “classic”:  not too pointy (re: too tawdry), not too high of a heel, and just the right shade of red.  It’s somewhat of a holy trifecta, but once you find it, you’ll never look back!  

Ann Klein “Happy” in Red:



Brian Atwood “Patent Pumps” in Red:


Cole Haan Patent Slingbacks:

0402306684043r_300x400 Christian Louboutin Round-Toe Pump:


Stuart Weitzman “Swayed Pump” in Red Quasar: 


(2) The Saucy Summer Sandal

Every summer it’s the same thing – we’re inundated with The IT Sandal…  “Gladiator!”  “Fringe!”  “Grecian!”

(The Proverbial) They scream at us from those oh-so-tempting Neimans early-morning emails!  What’s a girl to do?!  

My advice?  For what its worth, purchase summer sandals that are fun and flirty but that don’t shout “I’m from Summer 2009!”   For a flat look, check out metallics and embellishments that don’t exactly fit into a particular trend cubby.  If you’re hunting for a heeled summer shoe, choose a style that is reminiscent of a T-strap – you’ll be inline with the zipper and cage sandal trends but your purchase will carry over for many summers to come.  Finally, if you’re totally clueless, go for a brightly colored espadrille – always a classic!  

Victoria’s Secret Metallic Thong


Unisa Jeremy:


Rampage “Ramira” in Fuchsia


MICHAEL Michael Kors “Ginger” Sandal in Mocha Metallic Leather:

_5727440 Metallic Midheel Sandal with Crystal Ball by J.Crew


Michael Kors Espadrille Wedges:


Victoria’s Secret Ankle Espadrille Sandal:



(3) The Quintessential Work Pump

Oh the Work Shoe:  sounds boring… sounds practical… sounds mind-numbing… because, hey, this is Corporate America and that’s our motto!  Au contraire mon frair.    This ain’t your mother’s pump: The New Work Shoe is not only comfortable but has sleek and sexy lines that say “yep, I’m good at my job and, as an added plus, I’m also not a drone!” 

If you’re only going to buy one pair of work shoes, opt for black patent pumps.  If you can spring for two, add nude patent pumps – they are sexier than brown, magically add inches upon inches to your legs in a skirt, and go with everything. 

Another tip:  as for draining your 401k on a pair of shoes… my move is always to bust the bank on timeless pumps.  Reasoning: you’ll get the most wear out of them – throw them on from 9 to 5 and then rock them for cocktails at happy hour!  

Stuart Weitzman “Muse” Pump in Black Soft Patent:


Cole Haan “Carma OT Air” Pump in Black Patent:


Christian Louboutin Simple Patent Pumps in Black OR Bone Patent:

0452511420608r_300x4000452511420608r_cbone_300x400 Cole Haan “Carma Air 55” Pump in Sand Patent:


Joan & David “Kiera” Pump in Ivory Patent

_5808953 {a word on patent}: Patent leather is easier to care for than regular leather or suede and, it is appropriate for all seasons in the workplace.  For optimal longevity, rub the surface of your patent shoes with a clean cotton cloth after each wear and store them in a shoe bag.  Oh man, I love a shoe bag.  But that’s a whole other post. 

(4) The Party Shoe

Every girl needs THAT shoe – the one she can pop on with her go-to Little Black Dress and feel stunning with minimal effort. 

These fit the bill, without maxing out the plastic.

Pierre Dumas “Rose” in Gold:


Claudia Ciuti “Marikax” Evening Sandal:

_5728748 White House, Black Market – Satin Rosette Heels:


And these are swoon-worthy… with a heftier price tag:

 J. Crew Carmen Satin Peep Toes:


Christian Louboutin Petal Sandal (le sigh):



(5) The Basic Boot

Yes, yes, they’re not exactly “seasonally appropriate,” but I couldn’t slumber soundly without adding a classic boot to The List (well, that’s totally a lie – I sleep like a baby, but, that’s neither here nor there).   As with the red Power Shoe, the key to selecting a good boot is keeping it classy, sassy, but not trashy!  For boots that defy the trends of today, steer clear of pointy witch toes and super clunky hardware. As far as heels go, hunt out a classic stack heel or a flat-riding boot.

Sudini “Briana” Tall Boot in Black:


Cole Haan “Fabrizia” Tall Boot in Brown:


Stuart Weitzman “Captain” Boot in Black Butter Calf:


Cole Haan “Sierra Air” Tall Boot in Dark Chocolate Suede/Patent:



Shop strong and walk tall, ladies!  



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17 responses to “Introducing: Fashionista Vista

  1. YAY Kate! Congrats on your new column!!! You know I need serious fashion help so you can bet I will be reading your columns religiously! xoxo

  2. Just looking at all this gorgeousness in one place is a Corporate Office Day-Brightener. Actually, I’m sure my mood would be better today if I’d chosen from your pump collection instead of wearing these old flats. 😉

  3. jb

    Great fashion ! I want them all.

  4. Grey

    I know!!! I’m telling you, I already can’t wait for another post!!! Yay for Fashionista Vista!

  5. Cathi S.

    Mascara Maven here! And I LOVE this new segment! Ah-Mazing!!
    I think the Christian Louboutin Petal Sandal and I are meant to be together…

  6. amr

    A lady in command of such excellent shoes should know her French! I think you mean “au contraire, mon frère.”

  7. Great Work Kate! I would like one of each pair please!!

  8. Megan Faver

    Fantastic first post! Those are all really great tips, most of which I had never thought of. I can’t wait to here more!

  9. YAY! Kate!
    Well, I love it all and Cathi I am with you, those petal sandals are to die for. I love the red soles.

  10. Oh.My.Gosh. As a shoe addict (“Hello, my name is amy and i’m addicted to shoes.”), I am loving your column!! Fabulous job! 🙂

  11. Awesome, Kate! I would like one of each of those shoes 😉

  12. Wow, congrats on the new writing gig. Great stuff, as usual.

    I am thisclose to ordering those Simples in the bone patent. Thisclose. Just as soon as my 401(k) stops evaporating . . .

  13. yay kate! love the column!! i’ll take each in a size 7 please.

  14. my first visit to your site (via Jessica Claire) and it’s all about shoes – could there be anything better? Consider yourself bookmarked – and those last Louboutins (petal sandals) I would give my right arm for…

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