Terrarium + Moss

I’m a huge fan of the terrarium. The succulent terrarium, which takes almost NO work, is totally great. In fact, Lindsay over at M.Stetson Design has a lovely little DIY (do it yourself) how-to guide here.

I have a couple of super cute vessels that have lids, which creates a micro-ecosystem for plants…their moisture recycles and you don’t have to do any watering. After checking out Lindsay’s project, I decided to make my own terrarium. HOWEVER, I learned that succulents plus lots of moisture (because I put a lid on my terrarium) equals a gooey death by H2O. Succulents don’t like too much water, so if you have apothecary jars and you’d like to do a similar project, moss is a great alternative. And if you are NOT a DIY-er, Made by Mavis sells some completed terrariums here. Love. These. They would be a great option for decor for a shower or wedding. 






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7 responses to “Terrarium + Moss

  1. My husband is immune suppressed and we are supposed to follow the “no plants” rule in our home. I’ve always been the plant killer so this has really never been a problem, but ever since we moved into a condo without an outdoor space (on the 5th floor) I realize that I am really missing some plantlife.

    So…this is my long winded way of saying – I bet this would be a great alternative! Thanks!

  2. Grey

    Oh my gosh! That’s amazing…how perfect would that be? It’s like a plant in a bubble!

  3. Love these photos… I’ve just published this article on my site! Love your blog!

  4. I’ve been stalking these on etsy for a month now. Perfect.

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  7. Yes terrariums are great and moss in them also is awesome. However…be careful as the pillow moss does not like to have constant moisture underneath so be careful not to over water. Also some moss types like the reindeer moss or some lichens do not like the closed lid either and will die. Just a note to all because these are so fun and I have been selling the moss for years now and this year the terrariums are on the run!

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