Inspiration Request: Rockabilly

I received an inspiration request the other day that proved rather challenging. Here’s what our reader wrote:

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Our wedding theme is Rockabilly/50’s. I am having a hard time finding ideas for the reception. We are having a BBQ reception as we are pretty simple and dont really want the hassel of an elaborate reception. Just want to enjoy our day with family and friends. It will be a very laid back. We dont really have any “colors” as we are just trying to look for something fun and reflective of our style.

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To me, black and white patterned material (lace, checkers, ploka dot) paired with pops of red is very Rockabilly. Let me know your thoughts. This was a tough one. Thanks to Isabel for the great request and really fun challenge.


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3 responses to “Inspiration Request: Rockabilly

  1. thanks for featuring my Geezees Custom Words Canvas (#12)….you have a great collection!

  2. Jenna

    I think glass bottled soda’s would be cool. Some kind of old fashioned soda fountain with cool glasses and a jukebox and stuff like that. Or those old liquor decanter tray things that you always see men drinking from when they come home from work in movies from that time: hang up the fedora and long coat, kiss the wife in an apron, pour a glass of scotch from a cool glass decanter on a fancy tray. Awesome.

  3. Grey

    Wow!!! Great ideas here. LOVE it.

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