Inspiration Request: Carnival Wedding

Wow. I have to tell you how much I LOVE emails and comments…getting your feedback on ideas is really helpful and incredibly inspiring. So don’t be shy! Speaking of, yesterday I received a request for a carnival wedding inspiration board…so here’s what I came up with! I love how the red and aqua work together…especially with those pops of yellow. I have two other requests that I’m working on for today, so stay tuned.

vintagecarnivalSources left to right from top: 1. Rebecca Thuss 2. Elizabeth Anne Designs 3. Rebecca Thuss 4. Source 5. Etsy 6. VCS Photo 7. Etsy 8. Etsy 9. Courtney Brooke 10. VCS Photo 11. Rebecca Thuss 12. Available for purchase here 13. Hatch 14. Courtney Brooke 15. Vintage Glam 16. VCS Photo 17. Three Potato Four via Coco+Kelley 18. f/1.4



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9 responses to “Inspiration Request: Carnival Wedding

  1. OOH. this is so cute. we’ve been thinking about the vintage carnival theme too. could be insanely cute. great research!

  2. jennaporter

    where do you find all these little pictures? you just search around and take little clips of things and put them together?! seems time consuming…u rock! I shot a carnival wedding last season but I’m just starting out so it wasn’t so upscale….

  3. WOW. You are my hero. How on earth did you do this in such a short amount of time?! And so well?! Thank you so much for taking the time to that for me. I truly appreciate it. And I LOVE the ideas. I can’t wait to incorporate some of them into my reception.

    p.s. pics coming right now. sorry for the delay.

  4. Caroline

    Seriously, Grey, where have you been all my life? This is exactly my wedding. Or what i hope it will be, anyways. We’re getting married at an old Art-Deco amusement park and having guests ride the carousel for our cocktail hour. I’m totally linking to this post, if you don’t mind — also, i’d like to come crawl around in your brain for an hour or so. You’re a genius!! 🙂

  5. Grey

    Thanks for all the response. Love the feedback! I think this was one of my favorites…and so much easier to put together than I thought. Lots of goodies out there on carnival weddings. 🙂

  6. WOW! Thanks for using my photos. That is awesome! This vintage carnival wedding i shot at was amazing, my favorite so far. Let me know if you ever need anymore photos 🙂

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