Our first giveaway is from SimplyDifferent. Natalie, the designer, is offering your choice of earrings from her shop on Etsy. If you’d like to enter for a free pair of earrings, simply leave a comment on this post. We’ll randomly pick an entry next Wednesday, so be sure to check back next week to see if you’ve won.

On your mark, get set, go!




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106 responses to “Giveaway!

  1. furtherdowntheroad


    i love this website.
    i also love pretty wedding earrings!

  2. just discovered this site yesterday and love it! love the originality!

  3. Kari

    How pretty – and just what I am looking for 😀

  4. Liz

    just found this website. love it!

  5. Jade

    Your creativity is so inspiring! I love this site not for the wedding ideas, but just the amazing color combinations and style inspirations! Keep up the fabulous work!

  6. Bekah

    LOVE your website and love the earrings! How exciting. Thanks for ALL the inspiration.

  7. These earrings are so pretty!

  8. jennaporter

    Ooooh…pretty things AGAIN! Love the earrings, and they definitely can be worn on more than just a wedding! This is officially my new favorite blog…

  9. I love the blue ones! Jenna, if you win we share and visa versa… Sisters must share!

  10. Debbie

    your blog is full of so many great ideas. i am totally inspired to add more color to my life.

  11. ays z

    Gorgeous! I would like to win a pair, thanks!

  12. definitiely love the website! 🙂

  13. Brenda

    I found your site through Jessica Claire and I enjoy reading it [obviously]. It’s helping me plan my best friend’s wedding
    I’m kind of hoping I don’t win because I have a metal allergy and it would be a shame to get gorgeous earrings I can’t wear [even though one pair matches my bridesmaid dress].

  14. Eveline

    Beautiful! I would love them!

  15. I “heart” the jewlery!

  16. too cute – love the earrings 🙂

  17. Maggie

    Count me in! Such cute stuff!

  18. Charity

    Great earrings!

  19. I think the ‘Celebration’ and ‘Simplicity’ earrings are my favorites!

  20. I found your blog on Jessica Claire’s blog the other day. I love it and now you’re on my RSS feed! Pick me! Pick me!

  21. Emily

    i love earrings and these are so adorable. your blog is great.

  22. Amanda

    I would love those white pearl earrings – they are perfect! So cute.

  23. I love the Melissa Earrings!

  24. Jennifer

    I just discovered this site and am now subscribed to it. I’m looking forward to the giveaway results as well as more wonderful posts!

  25. erin

    Hi, love the site! I loveeee these earrings!! Pure beauty!

  26. butterandsugar

    I recently found your blog and really like it. I would love to win some earrings!

  27. Maureen

    Oooh, pick me! Pick ME!!!!

  28. I don’t have my ears pierced but my little sister would love those!

    Count me (her) in!

  29. You are so creative! I love your ideas!

  30. Tess

    Love the site. The photo collages are so visually stimulating and I always feel like I need to go craft something after reading this blog. 🙂

  31. julie abendschein

    i love this blog! and i also love those earrings!

  32. Cloud9

    I check out your website several times a day. Love it and love you! Keep up the great, great work!!!

  33. I love pearls . . . so of course I love the Classy White Pearl Cluster Earrings!! So beautiful!

  34. Shannon

    I love the Kimberly earrings. So perfect with a sundress on the beach.

  35. This would be splendid! Thanks so much for the giveaway 🙂

  36. Renee G

    Kimberly are my favorite.


  37. Gorgeous earrings! I love giveaways!! 🙂

  38. Rachel C.

    You’re doing an incredible job – thanks for putting so much into this, it’s a great inspiration.

  39. Liz B.

    Love her jewelry and would love even more to win some!! Yay!

  40. Abbey

    I just found this website and enjoy reading the postings everyday! I love this site!

  41. I love this site….and not just because of such a super giveaway!

  42. Love the smoky pair- you are inspiring- 🙂

  43. Bridget

    Gorgeous earrings! Love your site!

  44. Jen

    Jessica Claire pointed me in your direction. Love your work. Oh! The earrings are pretty fabulous too!!

  45. Bethany P

    So pretty! I love them all!

  46. Rebecca

    Great website!!! 🙂

  47. Shannon McFarland

    What a wonderful treat & great gift!!!

  48. lizziemarie

    Hello! Recently found your site, love it! Great to have daily wedding talk from your blog. Beautiful and inspirational pictures!! keep it up! Thanks!

  49. Sarah

    Cool! Count me in 🙂 I love your site!

  50. Found your site through Jessica Claire’s blog – fabulous ideas and website!! 🙂

  51. Very fun! I hope I win. I hope I win. I hope I win. 🙂

  52. Stefanie Ellingson

    Love the earrings, love your site!

  53. Those blue earrings are fantastic! I love them, great give away.

  54. I love your blog! It is beautiful and I have become a regular stalker! The earrings are great and I would love to win!

  55. Erin

    I LOVE your blog and I’m so happy that I found it. It’s so down-to-earth and real. Thank you!

  56. Lauren


  57. Chelsea

    I LOVE your website! I love event planning and want to do more wedding planning, so I could spend hours on your site! Thanks!

  58. Hey! Me again! loving these earrings!

  59. Renee

    love the website!! the earrings are amazing!!

  60. Shelly Swope

    SO FUN watching you dream!!!

  61. Summer,

    Your blog is continually delightful. Kudos.

    And I love free earrings.

  62. ooOOhhh!

    great site! beautiful earrings!!

  63. Amy

    Gorgeous earrings. Pick me!

  64. Justina

    love your blog.
    wish it was around last summer, when i was planning my wedding ~ would’ve made life easier! you’re so creative and all of your ideas are lovely!

  65. kendell

    what a wonderful blog! thanks for sharing all the creative ideas!

  66. Sarah

    i am impressed and inspired by all th wedding picks!

  67. Holly

    can’t stop looking. love it!

  68. Love the site. And the earrings are so pretty!

  69. Sara

    These would be great for my b-maids! Love them!

  70. gorgeous and SO fun!!!

  71. Brittany Neece

    Pick me! Oh my gosh I LOVE this site!

  72. yes, please! i heart the “simplicity”, “elizabeth”… no… the “sarah”. oh yes, i need a little jingly jangly in my life.

  73. bunny

    I would love to win these lovely pairs!

  74. Kristen

    Just found your website yesterday and I love it! Also love the earrings!! Keep up the good work…I can’t wait to check your website every morning for updates!!!

  75. Your blog is fabulous. Keep it up!

  76. Enjoying the website. I hope I win 🙂 !!

  77. The blue ones are so pretty. Love them.

  78. very unique 🙂 I hope you pick me…heehee

  79. Jamie

    I love the black earrings. Kind of pineapple-esque!

  80. erlinda

    nothing like wearing a pair of new earrings. beautiful blog!

  81. ssag

    Oh, me please! I love earrings!

  82. Cathy K.


  83. adore them. the ones on the left remind me of a pair my grandmother used to where. *sigh*

  84. Carly

    These are gorgeous! Love the classic white earrings 🙂

  85. love your blog. adore the earrings!

  86. Lacie Flinders

    Love Natalie & natalies etsy shop…Pick me

  87. Hi there,

    I just discovered this site by a link from Jessica Claire’s blog. Looks like a great site, and a great giveaway! I’ll be keeping an eye on both.


  88. I love your site! And the earrings are adorable! Love them and your site! Maybe I’ll win!

  89. sea pea


  90. Gemma

    What a find! Love the website! Keep up the great work

  91. Did you say free stuff? I’m in….

  92. Jamie Drake

    I’m getting married in June and want earrings just like the ones in the picture on the left! 🙂

    Great blog!

  93. Margaret

    Just found your website! LOVE the earrings!

  94. I just found your site and I’m loving all these great wedding ideas! Also dig the earings! Thanks for a great site!

  95. SusieQ

    Awesome earrings for my princess bride little girl…

  96. I just found the site today from Jessica Claire’s website and I love the site and the designers pieces are fantastic!

  97. Redbettie

    I just went to site and I love everything. The earrings would be great for my MOH.

  98. angelica09

    My favorite pair of earrings are the celebration because red attracts me and they are so cute.

  99. Pearls

    Classy White Pearl Cluster Earrings are my favorites……

  100. MonaLisa

    I love to purchase my gifts through Etsy web sites. It gives an opportunity for local crafters and artist to show their talents. The style that I like from SimplyDifferent are the Blossom Earrings. It is a great pair of earrings for the upcoming Spring.

  101. i love the classy white pearl cluster earrings 🙂

  102. Trina

    Isn’t her jewelry beautiful? Love the pearl-cluster earrings.

  103. Heather

    How fun! Count me in for sure.

  104. Jamie

    These are so beautiful!

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