Inspiration Request: Vintage Natique

I received a FANTASTIC inspiration request from Shannon yesterday, and I’m so excited to show you what I’ve come up with. Here is what she wrote:

: : :

Hi Grey! I love the idea of a wedding at a yacht club but feel sometimes nautical can get too “theme-y.” Do you have any ideas or could you put together an inspiration board for something a little different? Maybe nautical from the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s? Thanks!

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What a challenge, I tell you. Shannon is right that the nautical look can sometimes get to theme-y with seashells, navy blue, and americana smattered about. So, for a vintage nautique feel ala Titanic, I used a few nautical elements in an unexpected way and softened the palette for a really elegant look.

I know colored suits are really big right now, but I have a fondness in my heart for the Great Gatsby tux (I’m pulling for a comeback!), particularly when it is paired with jewels and cream and blush hues. The chandelier I included most likely won’t be a purchase anyone would make for their wedding…it is $22,000!!! Wow. BUT, I do think the idea of dangling a large portion of strung pearls on a vintage chandelier is an elegant whim that one can totally afford. Besides, pearls are from the ocean, so they sort of convey the vibe, without screaming NAUTICAL! That’s also why I love the vintage compass and compass rose.

Anyhow, I think this look would do the job very nicely…it’s so pretty, that I’m thinking I may want a soft black tie affair like this for myself.

via Vintage Glam Blog

via Vintage Glam Blog


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7 responses to “Inspiration Request: Vintage Natique

  1. Shannon

    I love it! Thanks Grey!

  2. How about vintage carnival?! That’s the inspiration for my June wedding. We’ve come up with some good ideas so far but any help from a creative mind like yours would be wonderful!

  3. Grey

    oh my gosh. I love it. I already have some ideas!

  4. Bridgette

    Ohhh, I like… And, I can’t wait to see the carnival inspiration!

  5. oh my. i love this.

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