Magenta: The Pretty Sister

So I finally figured out why I don’t get along with purple. She’s jealous–I prefer her much prettier sister, magenta. This vibrant hue caught my eye when it made an appearance in the form of bridesmaid fashion in the Ojai Valley Inn real wedding I just featured here. The dress is such a flirty color, I had to create a palette just to match it. Magenta proved a slight challenge to locate, but alas I have gathered some stunning beauties for you today. One of the things I love most about the look, is that you don’t see this exact color very often. If you’re looking for a little out of the ordinary, this is for you. Albeit illusive, the much prettier sister, Magenta, is totally doable.


Sources left to right from top: 1. Martha Stewart 2. Etsy 3. Nelle Handbags 4. The Wedding Planner 5. Design by Jill LaFleur; Photo by Joy Marie 6. Blue Orchid 7. Etsy 8. Etsy 9. Design by Jill LaFleur; Photo by Joy Marie



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5 responses to “Magenta: The Pretty Sister

  1. Brittany Neece

    Ha ha, this may be the funniest post I have ever read. Awe magenta, how you have made a glorious comeback from your more adolescent days in the 80’s.

  2. Grey

    Brit loves it when I anthropomorphize color!

  3. I live magenta! In fact, my July wedding colors are magenta, old gold, and ivory. But I can’t seem to find the right magenta shoes to peek out from under my dress. Any suggestions, fellow magenta lover?

  4. Hillbilly GodMomma

    Grey…am enchanted with not only your writing style, but your gift of style. Stumbled upon your site when googling the word magenta! And you are oh so right: magenta IS purple’s prettier sister-and pink’s more worldly one. Thanks for your inspiration!

  5. leslie

    I Love Magenta!! I just cant decide between purple and pink… Do you have more picture? Im planning my wedding for next February and would like some more advice and ideas… as you mentioned: to find this exact color is hard…

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