Bride’s Clutch…or Bridesmaid for that matter

Let’s be honest…you’re not gonna spend much time toting around a clutch on your wedding day…it’s enough to lug around a bouquet (which can get so dang heavy). But here are a few reasons why I think the purchasing one of these clutches can be justified:

: : :  Makeup. I’m sure the Mascara Maven would agree with me when I say you totally need reinforcements for touching up makeup. So why not buy a totally cute clutch for said products? Then, after, it will always be your special wedding clutch. 

: : : Memento. If you figure out how to use it at your wedding, again, it will always be your special wedding clutch. Your daughter will likely find it hideous, but you’ll still keep it around until you have a granddaughter that finds it totally vintage and rad.

: : : Bridesmaid. Why not give them as gifts?

: : : Bridal Activity. The fun part about getting married is that there are so many great activities that precede the big day. Engagement parties. Showers. Venue exploration. Dress shopping. Bachelorette party. Rehearsal dinner. The list goes on. I’m sure a clutch will be necessary for each of these events. 

: : : Bridal perfume. Okay…it’s not totally related, but here’s the thing. My sister Brooke bought special perfume right after she got engaged, and always used it when doing her fun wedding activities. Because your olfactory senses are connected closest to memory, now every time she wears it (which she does sparingly) it reminds her of the feelings and moments during her 7 month engagement. A clutch is no perfume, but I do think a few special purchases like it can have a similar effect after all the activity is over. 

That being said, here are a few totally adorable clutch collections in a range of styles. 

{Nelle Handbags}nelle

{Lola Falk}lolafalk

{Kailo Chic}kailochic{Red Ruby Rose}redrubyrose


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