Hurry up, July. I’m waiting.

I can’t decide which one I love more. Perhaps all of these colors jammed into a small setting might be a BIT much, but what the heck? Why not get inspired?


Sources left to right from top: 1. Hetty Rose Shoes via It’s a Jaime Thing 2. Lovin Sullivan Cakes 3. Amelie Stationery by Delphine Press via Brides 4. Verdant Acres Dinnerware by Anthropologie 5. Urban Outfitters via It’s a Jaime Thing 6. Loop Flowers 7. Garden Glimpse Vases by Anthropologie 8. Tahitian Vine Tablecloth by Anthropologie 9. Martha Stewart


Filed under Color, Inspiration

2 responses to “Hurry up, July. I’m waiting.

  1. ha, i had that chandelier from urban… Brooke didnt let it make the cut in our place… bummed 😉

  2. Grey

    Awww…sad day! I sat in Urban for quite a while one day working out an entirely new scheme for my house so I could make it fit in.

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