Trend Alert: Brunch Wedding


Photo by Cooke Studio

Photo by Cooke Studio

I was thinking about blueberry pancakes this morning and I thought to myself, that’s one thing you never see at a wedding: breakfast–more specifically, blueberry pancakes. When most of us think of weddings, we think of an evening setting with glowing candles, filet mignon and cocktails. But what if you want to mix it up a little and trade in martinis for mimosas?

I think a brunch wedding has a number of benefits…so much so, that after thinking about it for a while, I decided when I plan my own wedding, I may just do brunch. A few of the pros? To name a few: 

:: Pricing :: Rental fees, food and vendors can be more affordable.

:: Availability :: Venues that book fast usually have brunch slots open.

:: Energy :: People aren’t as likely to tire out and escape at the stroke of midnight.

:: Time :: A brunch wedding avoids the typical curfew most venues enforce.

:: Honeymoon :: With enough time in the day, you and your new hubby can enjoy a nice romantic dinner before heading up to your honeymoon suite. 

The photos below were inspired by what I’d love for a brunch wedding: a vineyard, great food, mimosas, close friends and family, live music and plenty of time to enjoy each and every tid bit. 

Brunch Wedding

Photo sources left to right from top: 1. Jose Villa 2. Richard Woods Photography via Lulu Events 3. Cooper Carras 4. Free Digital 5. Martha Stewart 6. Martha Stewart 7. Design by Grey Likes Weddings 8. MSNBC 9. The Knot 10. Martha Stewart 11. Jose Villa 12. Cooke Studio

If the photos above haven’t convinced you, I know these will. This wedding was shot by the unbelievable photograper, Cooper Carras and was originally featured on the fabulous blog, Snippet and Ink. I’ve posted a few below here. 






If that isn’t enough, guests were instructed to follow a strict “khaki and white” dress code and the party joined in a croquet match. 





Tell me now…have I convinced you to have a brunch wedding??? I thought so.



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4 responses to “Trend Alert: Brunch Wedding

  1. Our wedding was earlier in the day. The reception was more like lunch but it was over by 4. We loved having the rest of the evening to enjoy the first day as Mr & Mrs.
    (one down side… the ladies in the bridal party had to get up at an awful hour to be ready by 9AM).

  2. We had an awesome waffle brunch wedding at a cafe with a garden in Austin. So much fun, but I concur that getting up early to get ready was a drag. But if I was going to do it again, I’d do it the same way. A few images here:

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