Trend Alert: Manhattan Bridesmaid

I’m a huge fan of the manhattan style bridesmaid dress–maids choose their own dress based on a directive you choose. There are several interpretations of this idea, and the variety is based on how imaginative your friends are. I’m a HUGE fan of this new trend, as identical dresses sometimes look like uniforms. I hope I get to see this more often. 

This image is by Jennifer Causey via Brooklyn Bride. Jennifer Causey via Brooklyn Bride

Photo by A Bryan Photo

A Bryan Photo

Photo by New York Magazine in an article titled The New Bridesmaid’s Dress Code


Photo via snippet & ink


Photo by Liz Linder via Brooklyn Bride

Liz Linder via Brooklyn Bride


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One response to “Trend Alert: Manhattan Bridesmaid

  1. I think this looks great when there are at least 3 ‘maids. I only have 2 and one junior ‘maid, so it feels like it would look too mismatched. The 2 big ‘maids are going to wear different dresses in the same solid fabric and the little one is going to wear something patterned and outrageous.

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