Real Wedding: Brittany and Taylor

When Brittany and I sat down to envision her wedding, her initial concept encompassed vintage silver and gold, white, ivory and all things elegant. She came to me later and confessed she felt a little bored of the neutral palette. We warmed up her color scheme and I think she pulled off a winter wedding that felt incredibly cozy and personal. I hope you enjoy!!! 

Photography courtesy of Michael Norwood and Brian Khang

The bridal party had a range of requests for dresses, so Brittany enlisted the help of a professional seamstress to tailor make the dresses. 


Flower choices included roses and peonies, in all sorts of shapes and colors…emphasis on vintage. 



To save money, we used four of the reception centerpieces here at the church. The look came together quite well. 


Because Brittany and Taylor got married two days after Christmas, we got a SCREAMING deal on garland. Always ask your florist what kind of deals might be available if you are getting married after a big holiday. Sometimes selection can be minimal, but you may also get better deals. 



Mini christmas trees (only $3 from Big Lots) were put into apothecary jars. Guests’ escort cards worked double duty, also serving as a favor to take home. The snowflake ornaments were bought in bulk and were bright silver. Brittany bought some vintage silver glitter to add a little character to the ornaments. 


Because Brittany and Taylor’s caterer served an incredible chocolate dessert, they elected for a simple cake. Brittany’s toppers were found at an antique store. 



To add a little extra impact, Brittany found pre-lit crystal garland that she added to the head table. To cut costs, bouquets served as the centerpieces. 



Special wedding sparklers were purchased online from a fantastic site called Sparkle. I highly recommend this site. Our order arrived on time and these sparklers are no ordinary sparklers…they are heavy duty versions that give off enough light for plenty of glorious shiny fun. 




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4 responses to “Real Wedding: Brittany and Taylor

  1. you did an awesome job at their wedding sum!

  2. Wish I could have been there. We also used bouquets-red tipped orange roses and blue flowers-as centerpieces at Katy’s wedding. Love the website.

  3. Hey Summer! I am working on my sister’s wedding coming up in May, and I am thinking of doing the tall arrangements similar to what we did for Britt’s wedding. I’ve found a ton of pilsner vases, but can’t seem to find the footed bowls we used for the actual arrangements. Any pointers? I will probably have to buy and have them shipped or rent, because she’s getting married back in NY (where we grew up). Thanks for all of your posts – I LOVE reading your blog!

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