DIY Flowers: Great New Source

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I just recently discovered DIY Bride, which is a blog about–you guessed it–DIY Weddings. (In case you are wondering DIY means do it yourself!). When it comes to DIY, I am intimately familiar with the process, as many of the brides I’ve worked with had to plan a wedding on a tight budget. DIY flowers CAN save you tons of money, but be prepared to work really hard! 

I’ve posted a few of her links below that I think are really helpful. Also, if you are in Southern California, I recommend the Los Angeles Flower District. The have special hours where the public is allowed, meaning you don’t need a business license to buy wholesale! Below are some more helpful links from DIY

Notes on DIY Flowers

Where to buy DIY Flowers

Check back for more posts on DIY flowers. I am a floral designer and absolutely love sharing my knowledge. If you have any requests for DIY flower posts, please feel free to email me!


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