Comeback: Baby’s Breath

Here’s another simple and REALLY affordable flower that is making a comeback. Traditionally used as a filler in arrangements, baby’s breath fell out of favor. However, when used as a feature, it can be really romantic and airy. Thoughts?

Source Unknown


Wreath Place

October wedding anyone? 



Rebecca Thuss

Love this bouquet! 


White Lilac Inc.

How beautiful are these arrangements overflowing with baby’s breath? Who knew that a weed could dress up so pretty?




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6 responses to “Comeback: Baby’s Breath

  1. Mick Watkins

    Hi Summer

    Great Blog. Keep it up

  2. roxannagrimes10

    Summer, this blog is beautiful, just like you and your work. Keep going, I’m really looking forward to reading more…and seeing more. I’m definitely impressed with the the beautiful weeds, and all the lighting ideas.

  3. Love this idea! I’m thinking of using it in two big urns to designate the “altar”. We’re getting married in the local botanic gardens, so we don’t need a bunch of extra flowers.

    I heard that a large amount of baby’s breath can smell quite pungent, though. Is that true?

  4. Grey

    Yeah…It can be true in some cases. Usually, it can depend on the type of baby’s breath you get…and how fresh it is sometimes makes a difference. So ask your florist to see if they can’t check that out for you.

  5. Caroline

    I gasped out loud when i saw that bouquet. Seriously, the more i look at it, the harder i fall.

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