Introducing Summer


recent october bouquet

recent october bouquet

Welcome to Grey Likes Weddings. My name is Summer and I have been in love with the wedding industry for over a decade now. It all started in college when, as a last ditch effort, I accepted a job at Conroy’s Flowers. The experience changed my life, and I became obsessed with beautiful flowers. I used to take our old roses that wouldn’t sell and practice making bouquets. My sister booked my first wedding for me and since then, I’ve freelanced as a florist. The LA flower mart is one of my favorite places in the world…so many possibilities!!!


As a wedding designer and florist, I’m in love with all of the details that make a wedding unique. There are so many vendors and venues that use a cookie cutter approach with brides, and it pains me. Researching for new and fresh ideas is an absolute passion of mine. I’ve helped plan and design my sister’s weddings and am intimately familiar with the DIY process and love taking extravagant ideas and turning them into feasible possibilities. I hope you’ll love this blog as much as I love creating it.



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3 responses to “Introducing Summer

  1. Brittany Neece


    I was so glad to hear you started a blog! You did such an amazing job at my wedding, I can’t tell you how many people love what you did. I’ve had to pass along your information to many people. I will definitely be following this blog.

    -Your Thankful Bride,
    Brittany Neece

  2. Amber

    I would love to talk with you sometime!

    ~ Amber

  3. swatkins21

    Feel free to email me! I love chatting!

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